Just kidding!

A friend forwarded me this image. I think it’s pretty funny. It’s from the Flickr stream of Tobyharriman. His page does say “©All Rights Reserved” but, then again, the same applies to our cover and logo and what not…

This discovery lead me to do a bit more Google image digging and I found this piece by artist Nickolus Meisel, titled “Tricycle Magazine; The Buddhist Review” which apparently was on display at the Museum of Art/WSU as part of the WSU Fine Arts Faculty Exhibition in 2007.

Hmmm…a commentary on emptiness perhaps?

I’m sure the artistic merit of the work could be debated but I think we can all agree that he has excellent taste when it comes to raw materials.

I also found this fake cover of our Spring 2010 issue. The issue contains an excellent piece by Alix Sharkey about a very admirable fellow named Vinny Ferraro. I guess someone liked the piece so much that they decided to take it upon themselves to redesign the issue’s cover.

The original:

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