Allan Lokos


Cooling Emotional Fires

The destructive effects of anger are easily recognized. When even mild annoyance arises, it can quickly grow and overwhelm us. Inner peace is lost. If we look at how anger arises, we see that it usually happens when we feel unheard, unseen, or unfairly treated. If in that moment we look within, we may sense […]

By Allan Lokos

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Allan Lokos: Patience With Self

What is there about the quality of patience that causes so many of us to respond to the very word with a sense of deficiency? “I don’t have enough,” we say, suggesting that patience is some sort of commodity. The wonderful thing about patience, unlike commodities, is the more we use it, the more we […]

By Allan Lokos

Dharma Talks

Seven Steps to Enlightenment

In this 7-part video teaching, meditation teacher and author of Pocket Peace, Allan Lokos teaches seven simple practices that will lead us to greater peace. Allan’s “pocket practices” are teachings you can carry around with you throughout your hectic day!

By Allan Lokos
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