Beth Roth

Beth Roth is a nurse practitioner who teaches mindfulness-based stress reduction and vipassana meditation in Connecticut. She has published descriptive and research articles about meditation in various professional journals. She also writes about parenting and adoption issues for Adoptive Families Magazine and Nuestros Ninos Bonitos. She can be contacted at or through her website.


Family Dharma: The Buffet Retreat

When my children Emilio and Claudia were eight and four, I took them to the Insight Meditation Society in Massachusetts for our first Family Retreat. My husband, who could not get the vacation time from work,…

By Beth Roth

family bedtime ritual


Family Dharma: A Bedtime Ritual

The Buddha taught that the primary purpose of a human life is to cultivate love, and that this love would create the conditions for peace and happiness in ourselves and in the world. In a famous…

By Beth Roth


Family Dharma: The Elephant’s Footprint

The Buddha taught that awareness of our death helps us live a happier and more meaningful life, and enables us to prepare for a conscious and peaceful dying experience. In our culture, purposefully contemplating one’s death,…

By Beth Roth

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