John Dunne

John Dunne is Distinguished Professor of Contemplative Humanities at the Center for Healthy Minds, University of Wisconsin-Madison. He also occasionally teaches for Buddhist communities, especially Upaya Zen Center.
Illustrated Buddha with teaching mudra

Online Course

Buddhism for Beginners

What did the Buddha teach? What do Buddhist traditions have in common? How do I meditate? This course is an ideal starting place for anyone interested in Buddhism and meditation.

with John Dunne

Online Course

The Essence of Awakening

Why do we suffer? And how can we restructure our worldview in a way that aligns with the way things really are and leads to less dissatisfaction? Investigate these questions with John Dunne, who will lead us in deconstructing what we “know” to be true and learning how to cultivate the wisdom of selflessness, emptiness, and compassion.

with John Dunne

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