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Break Your Addictive Patterns

In this 4-part video teaching former Korean Zen nun and author Martine Batchelor will teach a form of Buddhist meditation that helps to break through addictive patterns. Written material for supplementary reading will be included.

By Martine Batchelor


What I’m Reading Winter 2008

I just finished Vinegar Into Honey: Seven Steps To Understanding And Transforming Anger, Aggression, And Violence, by Ron Leifer (Snow Lion, 2008). I’m interested in emotional patterns, and I was curious to see how Leifer, a psychiatrist and Buddhist meditation teacher, would suggest working with anger. The title is a Tibetan metaphor for transforming negative […]

By Martine Batchelor

Magazine Teachings

The Ten Oxherding Pictures

The ten oxherding pictures describe the, Zen training path to enlightenment, Folk images are accompanied by poems and commentaries. They depict a young oxherder whose quest leads him to tame, train, and transform his heart and mind, a process that is represented by subduing the ox. Even though these images are presented in a sequence, […]

By Martine Batchelor
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