Miranda Shaw, PhD

Miranda Shaw, PhD is an American author and scholar of Vajrayana Buddhism. Her books include Passionate Enlightenment: Women in Tantric Buddhism and Buddhist Goddesses of India. Dr. Shaw is currently completing a companion volume, Buddhist Goddesses of Tibet and Nepal, and writing a book on Vajrayana dance to be titled Dancing Enlightenment: Tantric Buddhist Dance of Nepal. She currently serves as Professor Emerita of Religious Studies at the University of Richmond.
Vasudara's golden hue signifies her power to beestow agricultural plenty. She displays a stalk of newly ripened rice, the staff of life in South Asia.

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Mothers of Liberation

Voluptuous tree spirits, maternal nurturers, potent protectors, and dancing female Buddhas—the Indo-Himalayan Buddhist world abounds with goddesses of amazing diversity. Miranda Shaw reveals some of the many powers, symbols, and stories of this often overlooked and…

By Miranda Shaw, PhD

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