Philip Glass

Philip Glass is a composer and performer who lives in New York City. He is widely regarded as one of the most influential contemporary classical composers, particularly because of his innovative minimalist style. A member of Tricycle’s Board of Advisors since its first issue, he was chair of its Board of Trustees from 2006 on and is now a chair emeritus.

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Meat: To Eat It or Not—Philip Glass

The familiar arguments in favor of a vegetarian diet are usually based on issues of either health, environment, ecology, or—from the Buddhist point of view—of compassion. Of these arguments, some are easier to dismiss than others. Take health, for example. The fact is that very few people (apart from South India where vegetarianism is part of […]

By Philip Glass

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First Lesson, Best Lesson

Born in Baltimore in 1937, Philip Glass began studying the violin at age six but reports that his serious interest in music didn’t begin until he took up the flute two years later. After his sophomore year in high school, he entered the University of Chicago, where he studied mathematics and philosophy. He graduated at […]

Interview of Philip Glass by Helen Tworkov and Robert Coe

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