Helen Tworkov


In Celebration of Beginnings

The name Tricycle continues to evoke curiosity and some befuddlement. Yet there is logic to this nomenclature: a vehicle for the path; a beginner’s vehicle with its allusion to the quintessential Zen concept of “beginner’s mind,” and for beginning dharma in the West; three (as in wheels) for the Three Treasures: Buddha, Dharma, Sangha, and […]

By Helen Tworkov


A Two-Track Mind

Every time the salesman at Eastern Mountain Sports brought an item for me to try on—a Superwick undershirt, a fleece vest, a coated-nylon shell—I tried to gauge my level of comfort for various degrees of inclement weather. By the time he asked where I was going, he had every reason to expect me to say […]

By Helen Tworkov
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