Sumi Loundon Kim

Magazine Body & Mind

GenNext: Taking a Breather

“I’m so stressed out!” That was my mantra during the first exam period my freshman year of college. After homage to the Stress God I would gulp another cup of coffee, exacerbating my nervous condition. My friends fared worse: Some became severely ill, some had nervous breakdowns, a few dropped out entirely, and others began […]

By Sumi Loundon Kim

Magazine Society & Environment

GenNext: Reborn in the U.S.A.

Recently I was sitting in a musty old church in Cambridge, Massachusetts, waiting for Jack Kornfield to arrive for an evening dharma talk. As I looked out over the packed pews, I surveyed the sea of graying hairs and found only a handful of young adults. Where were the rising tides of GenNext Buddhists? I […]

By Sumi Loundon Kim
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