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What is the Mind?

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A central concern of Won Buddhism, one of only a few forms of Buddhism founded since industrialization, is finding the balance between our material and spiritual lives. Dr. Bokin Kim, a Won minister and President of the Won Institute Of Graduate Studies, offers teachings from her tradition. Dr. Kim also emphasizes that the COVID-19 crisis has given lessons and warning signals to examine our materialistic culture, our capitalistic model of economy, and our ecological future.

Dr. Bokin Kim is President of the Won Institute Of Graduate Studies in Philadelphia. She was raised in the Won tradition as the daughter of Venerable Taesan, one of the founders of the tradition. She came to the United States from Korea in 1979, has served as a Won Buddhist kyomu (minister) in Philadelphia since 1987, and earned her Ph.D. in Religion at Temple University in 1989. Dr. Kim is the author of Concerns and Issues in Won Buddhism and numerous articles on Won Buddhism.

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