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Breathe and Experience

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Meditation Month is back! Join us for our annual challenge to commit to a daily meditation practice throughout the month of March. This year, our Meditation Month teacher Guo Gu will guide us through the Chan (Zen) practice of silent illumination, which reveals our innate capacity for awakening. A new video will be released each week introducing an approach to meditation and building on the previous weeks’ teachings. These instructions and tips from Guo Gu are designed to help you develop a regular practice and connect to your experience at each moment. Guo Gu will introduce fundamental relaxation and awareness practices then progressing to silent illumination.

Guo Gu (Dr. Jimmy Yu) is the founder of the Tallahassee Chan Center and Dharma Relief, a socially engaged intra-denominational Buddhist organization. He is a professor of Buddhism and East Asian religions at Florida State University. Guo Gu was a monk for nine years and one of the late Master Sheng Yen’s senior and closest disciples. He is the author of Silent Illumination (2021), The Essence of Chan (2020), and Passing Through the Gateless Barrier (2016). To connect with Guo Gu, visit