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No Sorrow, No Dust

Untitled, Buddha, Mihintale, Sri Lanka, Rena Bass Forman An exhibition of Rena Bass Forman’s Sri Lanka photographs will be at the Bonni Benrubi Gallery in New York City from Nov. 29 through Jan. 26, 2008. Comprehending the property of form, not taking a stance in the formless, those released in cessation are people who’ve left […]

By Thanissaro Bhikkhu

Magazine Arts & Culture


                  A dark elephantLiving in a dark forestCame to sip from a pondAs the Buddha watched A dark elephantFrom a dark forestHas come to the pondAnd sippedThe trembling visionOf the moon A dark deerFrom a dark forestAlso came to sip from the pond The deer has also […]

By Tada Chimako


The Green Lama

  “I think I’ll go home and meditate…on murder!” —The Green Lama in “The Man Who Never Existed” (radio show) The Green Lama, a superhero invented by writer Kendell Foster Crossen, appeared in comic books and pulp magazines and on radio shows during the 1940s. This offbeat character, first created to compete in the pulp […]

[Kendra Crossen Burroughs] and [Karen, Ready] Karen Ready

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Winter Dusk at a Remote Temple

Approaching year’s end,east of the riverthe weather turns cold. At the wilderness temple,dusk spreadsto river and sky. No wine I knowcan meltthis night. I follow a monk,who shutsthe gate early. Lamplit wallsholdstunted shadows. Roof tilesbearing snowcreak constantly. Drifting about in the world,I still havea thousand li to travel; but just now,I want to lose myself […]

By Jen Fan


Absolute Relativity

Time and again the passion for understanding has led to the illusion that man is able to comprehend the objective world rationally by pure thought without any empirical foundations—in short, by metaphysics. —Albert Einstein By becoming attached to names and forms, not realizing that they have no more basis than the activities of the mind […]

By Thomas McFarlane


September 20, 2001

We are obliged to cherish and protect this world, The place we humans call our home. So why pointlessly destroy any source Of our world’s prosperity? May the truth of all buddhas in the ten directions Help bring an end to all such deluded actions. May raising the attitude of love and compassion Help peace […]

By Thrangu Rinpoche


Untitled, 1952

“One day I was looking at the red flower patterns of the tablecloth on a table, and when I looked up I saw the same pattern covering the ceiling, the windows and the walls, and finally all over the room, my body and the universe. I felt as if I had begun to self-obliterate, to […]

By Yayoi Kusama


On Silence

Those who are fond of retreats—writers, ecstatics, parents with young children—often comment on the silence such time away allows. Silence becomes something present, almost palpable. The task shifts from keeping the world at a safe decibel distance to letting more of the world in. Thomas Aquinas said that beauty arrests motion. He meant, I think, […]

By Barbara Hurd

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The Bodhisattvas Play Ball

You can’t get them to chase a Texas Leaguer,a cheap flare that drops like a duckon to the lip of green outfield,yet they are compelled by The Diamond.The walls, like our lives, are irregular,yet in form, how perfect. There is no scoreboard. They oil their gloves all winter.Each spring they cover the hole,gracefully turn the […]

By Craig Paulenich
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