Luna Coppola

The images from Luna Coppola’s series “Connected to Self-life and Re-life,” which document the Italian photographer’s experience living with chronic illness for 11 years, appear in this issue in “The Body as Battleground,” the second in a four-part series on what in Buddhism is called the “four sights”: an old man, a sick man, a corpse, and an ascetic.

p.11EmilyStrasser_0 Emily Strasser

A Minneapolis-based writer and currently an MFA candidate at the University of Minnesota, Emily Strasser spent the summer of 2014 collecting stories of Tibetan refugees in India and Nepal. Her essay “Beneath the Eyes of the Buddha” reports on the situation of Tibetans in-exile living in Boudhanath, Nepal, home to one of the largest Buddhist stupas in the world.

Brett Ryderp.12BrettyRyder

Brett Ryder is an English illustrator whose award-winning work can be found in the pages of newspapers and magazines around the world. Currently affiliated with The Economist and The Telegraph, he works from a studio in Brighton surrounded by books and vintage motorcycle parts. His illustrations are featured in this issue in our special section on Buddhism and self-help. 


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