The first issue of Tricycle was superb—a most auspicious beginning. I especially enjoyed Joel McCleary’s fine tribute to Geshe Wangyal, Dean Rolston’s moving “Memento Mori,” and the delightfully unorthodoxSpalding Gray interview with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. The quality of the writing was very high and was matched by a marriage of intelligence, wit, and deep feeling, all qualities much needed in the kind of times we now live in. The time has surely come for the years of practice by American Buddhists to bear fruit in a new activism to begin to create a decent, sane, and just society.

Weston, Massachusetts

Tricycle is wonderful. There was a certain joy for me in the old days, so to speak, when I would open theWhole Earth Review, the feeling that this was, somehow, an in-house magazine but that the “house” was everywhere. Tricycle allows me that same feeling, like the freshness and excitement I feel each spring when plum buds first appear. May it bloom ten thousand years.

Los Angeles, California

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