The awakened mind has never come into being
and so cannot disappear or be destroyed,
nor can it be analyzed into component parts,
nor described or manipulated in any way.
The mind itself, abiding calmly as itself,
itself constitutes enlightenment,
the utmost, unspeakable delight
called omniscience by sages of Mahayana.
This enlightened knowing,
which knows all as simply itself,
is birthless and deathless:
because it never comes substantially into being,
it can never disintegrate or cease to be.

—From Lex Hixon’s poetic adaptation from Book 3 of the Gaudapada Karika which was the basis for his doctoral dissertation at Columbia University in 1976.


Courtesy of Ursula Bernis.
Courtesy of Ursula Bernis.

At the age of 22, Lex Hixon wrote a poem that includes the following lines:

all I want
inscribed on the dancing flames of my pyre:
the enigmatic phrase,
all is light

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