Frank Ostaseski

Frank Ostaseski is a Buddhist teacher, international lecturer, and a leading voice in end-of-life care. He is a co-founder of the Zen Hospice Project and founder of the Metta Institute. His latest book is The Five Invitations: Discovering What Death Can Teach Us about Living Fully.
Image of misery by Kathe Kollwotz for story on Buddhist death ritual


Washing My Boy’s Body

When a hospice counselor is called to the bedside of a child who has just died, he leads the parents through a Buddhist ritual for cleaning the body. In the process, he guides them through the fires of grief, which burn away everything but love.

By Frank Ostaseski

Magazine Body & Mind

On What to Do When the Going Gets Rough

Caregiving from a Buddhist perspective is a recognition that this person’s suffering is also my suffering. When I see this, whether I’m the person in the bed or the person making the bed, I have to confront this precariousness. Buddhist practice can help us enormously in continuing to give our attention to what’s actually appearing, […]

By Frank Ostaseski

Magazine Body & Mind

On Lending Our Bodies

When we are caring for someone who is sick, we lend them our body. We use the strength of our arms to move them from the bed to the commode, and we can also lend them the strength of our mind. We can help to create a calm and accepting environment. We can be a […]

By Frank Ostaseski
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