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Rick Fields

84,000 84,000 Gates to the Dharma  And mine is best. What a waste! Do your practice. Enjoy your life And let the world Argue and discuss itself To death. —Rick Fields, 9/13/98 Rick Fields was fifty-seven years old when he died on Sunday, June 6, and had occupied a preeminent position in the unfolding of […]

By Helen Tworkov

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The Death of a Philosopher

Timothy Leary died on May 31, 1996. Timothy Leary died as he lived, in public. After announcing that he had inoperable prostate cancer, he held court at his Beverly Hills home, was feted at the Hog Farm’s annual picnic, interviewed on TV and radio talk shows and in various newspapers and magazines, including Time. An […]

By Rick Fields

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Lex Hixon

The awakened mind has never come into being and so cannot disappear or be destroyed, nor can it be analyzed into component parts, nor described or manipulated in any way. The mind itself, abiding calmly as itself, itself constitutes enlightenment, the utmost, unspeakable delight called omniscience by sages of Mahayana. This enlightened knowing, which knows […]

By Tricycle

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On the Passing of Buddhadasa

THE VENERABLE Buddhadasa Bhikkhu, who passed away at the age of eighty-seven on July 8, 1993, was perhaps the best-known and most controversial Thai monk in the contemporary Theravada tradition. Although adhering strictly to the conservative Vinaya rules established by the historical Buddha, he claimed that to practice religion seriously one must be both conservative […]

By Sulak Sivaraksa

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Mary Farkas

Mary Farkas (1911-1992) Mary Farkas, director of the First Zen Institute of America, died on June 7th in New York City. She was eighty-one years old and her long life embodied the transmission of Zen from Japan to the United States. A pioneer of American Zen, Mrs. Farkas’ studies predated the Zen boom sparked by […]

by [Mary Farkas](1911-1992) Tricycle

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