© Brian Beresford/Nomad Pictures
© Brian Beresford/Nomad Pictures

Thus have I Heard:

When the time had come for Gampopa to part from his teacher Milarepa, Milarepa placed the soles of his feet on the top of Gampopa’s head, symbolizing that their work together was done. As Gampopa was about to depart, however, Milarepa added, “There is one particularly profound teaching I have yet to impart to anyone, but it is too precious to give away just like that, so you may go.” After this, the two embraced and Gampopa went on his way.

Gampopa had nearly passed out of earshot when he heard Milarepa calling out to him. Hurrying back, he knelt once more before his teacher, whereupon Milarepa turned his back to him and, lifting up his robe, exposed his bare buttocks, entirely covered with thick calluses from years of meditating on a rock.

“This is my final teaching to you, my beloved heart-son,” said Milarepa.

“Now just do it.”

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