Hungry ghost, a morphology all by itself between our realms

Hungry ghost: that dwells in consciousness, torments our


Sexy ghost, a performer, a demon, a gadfly

To never have enough be enough get enough

Dancing on coals

In a state of mind, bewitched, unsettled over what he thinks or

she thinks, what they think

What the “I” thinks: hieroglyph for the hungry ghost

Unsatisfied—dancing on nails!

Jostled by waves, the real kind, that pull you under

Turbulent in a shadow realm between waking and sleep

Hungry ghost with sacrifices in the sand, hewn characters in

the mind, arms and legs that are brisk strokes of gestures

in air, in language, flailing about, writing with the skeletal

stylus of the hungry ghost

Sleeping with the hungry ghost who writes your book

Hungry ghost: a web, a film, a trail, a latent thought set

down that won’t let go

The watcher watching you in your hungry ghost fabrication

Gloves off, anything can happen

Hungry ghost, the war machine, sleeping with the humming

war machine

Hungry ghost that is a blur between worlds, thrumming on

filaments of desire in a code that summons hallucination

of “enemy! enemy!”

Enmity of insatiable hunger for enemy

Threads of desire constantly broken, strings plucked and


The connection, the fix is in for the hungry ghost who sings in


Singing: To be ghost and so very hungry, the fix is in, the fix is in

Attachment which is a ghost of yearning, watching the skies

for strafing drones

Yearning for existence, the fix is in

Yearning for sustenance, the fix is in

Hungry ghosts of the Jurassic, large omnivores startling you

with appetite

Hungry ghost ancient in mind, continuity of the mind of all

primordial hungry ghosts

Ravage and ravaging, ravaged and will have ravaged and will

ravage and will have been ravaged

Hues of glorious white light that pursue you everywhere,

spotlight on desire

Then so bright or fierce you can never rest

How can we ever feed your ravenous hounds?

Or radiant colors of seductive desire, illusive beauty adorn

your tattered frame

Although worn too, transient flickering

Transmigrating through many lifetimes, hungry ghost

Down & dirty on the street, shackled

Body picked over, on a street in a distant street “over there”

Other side of the hungry ghost world

People willing to die there, fighting the hungry ghost

Despots, tyrants, mercenaries, denizens of the hungry ghost


Stars, atoms, molecules, names family histories, all shackled

The Hooghly River right in front of you

Your rivers in lockdown

Ganges in lockdown

Yangtze in lockdown

Bending over into the river of hungry ghost

Torturer can do anything he wants to

Maybe anyone can be “bumped” or “busted”

Brown paper bags over the head: torture & death

Wipe the mouth away

Wipe the eyes away, wipe the ears away, wipe the “long ago” away

A better hand of death will guide you from this hungry ghost


Gunned down on your own street

Code of executioner’s light

Exultant the civvies turned on to torture

Wild laughter getting their kicks in the hungry ghost realm

Set teeth to knuckles

Set knuckles to knees

Set fists to bloated belly

A muzzle snaps

The lights out & they are thrashing

Thrashing: metal set to teeth

Set teeth to neck

Hungry ghost: a bloodsuckers paradise

Being sexy again in a broken world, caress the body of the

hungry ghost

Chamber of greed & brutality

The ghost that will never rest is your own grasping mind

Cold savage beatings, mannerisms of the thumbs up

A code of hungry ghost is your own mind

Apprehension of the ghost, where next?

Locked doors, low light, agony going down the hallway

Agony in the hit in the stomach “or worse”

Hungry ghost links memory to energy

Atrocity which is silence

Migrations of hungry ghosts walking toward a diminishing hope

Memory erased, women & children disappearing overnight

Hungry ghost an empty verbiage

Sons “disappeared”

Hungry ghost the seer will teach you how to be “ghosted”

Hungry ghost with generations of progeny

Wound that never heals

What perpetuates hungry ghost? coercion without flavor of


A culture that flees from love

Hungry ghost an emphatic disruption, a cultural intervention

Achieving power over millions on dark & bloody ground

Simonides: create a memory system for me lest I forget

Hungry ghost bursting out of superstitious darkness into

Copernian heliocentricity

Hungry ghost in the half light of memory, lunar memory

Rare native grasses, bed down here, hungry ghost: rest your

spectral bones

Riparian habitat: bed down, rest by water: rest your salivating


Shadows resting now in the charnel ground of hungry ghost

Preble’s jumping mice, coyotes, badgers, coming alive at the

toxic nuclear plant

Swirl of ravens, and vultures hovering nearby in the mind

A line of conifers won’t shelter a hungry ghost

A ligament or tendon pulls hard on the phantom bone, no

shelter for hungry ghost

Tiny throat

Distended bloated belly

No comfort for hungry ghost

Hungry ghost, broken fracture to haunt you, hungry ghost a

crypsis, a camouflage

Hungry ghost: psychic lockdown

Un-manifest identity without a body

An expansion of unrecognizable things

Phantom memories coiled one upon the other

Hungry ghost without purpose except growing hungrier

Oil! Oil! Oil! Oil!

All you thought in terms of progress vanishes

I awoke one night in the continuous present, we were all wired

Bent over my own body of hungry ghost

Stroked the desire of hungry ghost, stoked the fire of hungry


Nothing but cinder and ashes

Imploding our planet of hungry ghost

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