Anne Waldman


Sleeping with the Hungry Ghost

Hungry ghost, a morphology all by itself between our realms Hungry ghost: that dwells in consciousness, torments our desire Sexy ghost, a performer, a demon, a gadfly To never have enough be enough get enough Dancing on coals In a state of mind, bewitched, unsettled over what he thinks or she thinks, what they think […]

By Anne Waldman

Magazine Arts & Culture

Soteriology & Apotheosis

if you could imagine, or visualize the entire Wheel of Time mandala in the drop the size of amustard seed at the tip on one’s nose & see the whites of the eyes of 722deitiesall rooting for the enlightened you the wide-awake you if you could imagine an enemy who would it be? visualize the […]

By Anne Waldman

Magazine Arts & Culture

Mind is Shapely, Art is Shapely

GARY SNYDER asked his teacher Oda Sesso Roshi, “Sometimes I write poetry, is that all right?” Oda laughed and said, “It’s all right as long as it comes out of your true self.” He also said, “You know, poets have to play a lot, asobi.” The word asobi has the implication of wandering the bars […]

By Anne Waldman
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