This August, Tricycle is teaming up with Buddhist Geeks to explore the interplay of Buddhism and technology. We thought there was no better way to prepare for the event than to feature a series of articles exploring the impact of technology on our perceptions of Buddhist art, history, and practice. We begin the section with the Buddhist Geek himself, Vincent Horn, who has spent nearly a decade reflecting on how Buddhism and technology have been shaping each other.

We like to think of this special section as an opportunity to initiate a conversation with our readers about the future of Buddhism and the effect that technology has on its dissemination and on our understanding of the dharma.

Buddhism & Technology: Table of Contents

The Buddhist Geek, an interview with digital innovator Vincent Horn
My Technology, My Self
, by Richard Eskow
Pixel Dharma, a conversation with Himalayan Art Resources director Jeff Watt
Treasury of Lives, by Alexander Gardner

Your Guide to the Online Buddhist Geeks Conference 2013

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