Boo Dada Bar BQ, 55" x 33" x 33".
Boo Dada Bar BQ, 55″ x 33″ x 33″.

Listening to the radio I hear ..
Coyote Roshi a known collector of.. wooden buddahs received a letter from a student of Bhag Wan Shree Rahjneesh saying .. “You collect wooden buddas .. why not come here and meet a living buddah?” Coyote Roshi wrote back .. “Living buddahs are all over .. but a good wooden buddah is hard to find .. ”

Can’t quite remember the question .. the person asked of Trungpa Rinpoche .. It was some thing about a life situation .. and he or she was asking advice. Trungpa said .. “But why would you want to do that?” “To save my life” the person said. Trungpa replied .. “What are you saving it for?”

Just as the fire that burns all through the night in the morning it is not the same flame nor is it a different one. Memory quote from the book—What The Buddah Taught—on how things change and remain the same.

Bones, Dunce and Gentlemen, 71″ x 57″ x 42″ .
Mr. Bones, 1989, woodcut with hand coloring, 76 ¼” x 25″.

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