© Phil Borges
© Phil Borges

Why did you write Working with Anger, and why now?
Because I’ve had difficulty with anger throughout my own life. I learned the techniques that the Buddha taught, I practiced them, they helped me, and so I thought to share these techniques with other people. And also because when I teach, people frequently ask, “How do I deal with emotion, with anger?” It’s a critical question for many of us.

And what are the origins of anger, from a Buddhist point of view?

Anger begins with a wrong conception of the self, of who we are. From there, we start craving things, becoming attached to them, thinking that they are going to make us happy. And when that process is interfered with, when we don’t get what we want, when, instead, we get what we don’t want, our reaction is anger. We either want to strike back or run away. The origin of anger is our own mind of misconception.

So then what is the solution?

Practice! [laughs]

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