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Consider the Source: Origins of the Wild Goose Pagoda

Tourist groups that visit the Terra Cotta Warriors inevitably visit Xian’s other famous landmark, the Wild Goose Pagoda, an icon central to the development of Chinese Buddhism. In this post I will explore why the Wild Goose Pagoda is such an object of pride for the city of Xian, and its role in Chinese Buddhism’s […]

By Andy Ferguson

Trike Daily

A pilgrim’s journal heads homeward

The Korea Times reports that the 8th century travel journal of Hyecho, a Korean Buddhist monk from the kingdom of Silla, will be sent from the National Library of France to theNational Museum of Korea in Seoul to be on exhibition for the first time ever this December. Wang Ocheonchukguk Jeon, which means “The Memoir […]

By Tricycle

Trike Daily

Beautiful Buddhist Silk Road Cave Art (via National Geographic)

via National Geographic: Emerging from the wind-sculptured dunes some 12 miles southeast of Dunhuang is an arc of cliffs that drop more than a hundred feet to a riverbed lined with poplar trees. By the mid-seventh century, the mile-long rock face was honeycombed with hundreds of grottoes. It was here that pilgrims came to pray for […]

By Tricycle
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