The second foundation of mindfulness is the awareness of sensations and feelings.

In the second week of Meditation Month, a free practice series posted every Monday on Trike Daily throughout March, Insight meditation teacher Ruth King challenges you to examine your emotions and the way they manifest in your body in her guided meditation, “Intimacy with Impulses.”

“At the point of any contact that we have with consciousness, we have an experience of either pleasant, unpleasant, or neutral. What we then tend to do is move quickly into a story we have about what we’re experiencing. That often grips us. What we want to practice is seeing what experience we may have prior to that, and how that [experience] actually influences how we become gripped, or even ungripped for that matter,” King says in her talk.

King then guides you through a practice of examining and exploring these sensations without judgment.

Download a copy of this talk. It has been edited for clarity.

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