The case of the Dalai Lama and the future of Tibet is hitting the mainstream this weekend, with Pankaj Misra’s article, “The Last Dalai Lama,” appearing in print on Sunday.

The article is already available online here

This isn’t the first time His Holiness has hinted that he might be the last of the title (he told the BBC in 2014 that he might be the last leader of the tradition).

Misra has previously contributed to Tricycle. His article, “The Disappearance of the Spiritual Thinker“, examines the role of Western intellectuals in world history and conflict.

Here’s what’s new at Tricycle this week:

  • In “Buddhify Your Android,” John Tresch asks whether mindfulness apps such as Buddhify and Headspace are helping users develop meditation practices, or replacing one attachment with another.

And here’s what we’re reading at Tricycle:

  • A new study published in the journal of Motivation and Emotion finds seven minutes of lovingkindness mediation a day can help reduce racial prejudice. (University of Sussex.) 
  • Surprising (and controversial) conclusions from Strohminger, Garfield, and Nichols on Buddhists, the no-self doctrine, and strategies for coping with death. (Slate: “Is There Life After Death?”

Happy reading, and enjoy your weekend.


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