Thanksgiving weekend can just as easily be a time marked by conflict and frenzy as it can by gratitude and camaraderie. Whether it’s the stress of bringing our entire family into the same room or the aversion to the harried frenzy known as “Black Friday sales,” there’s a lot to navigate in the days to come.

To help you ground yourself this Thanksgiving, we’re sharing a few pieces from our archive, including advice on mindful eating and shopping, how to view family life as a path to liberation, and more.

Family Awareness: A Relational Path to Freedom in Family Life 
Meditation teacher Bart van Melik explains how the four noble truths can help turn familial conflict into harmony.

Tricycle Teachings: Food 
Buddhist advice on what and how to eat (hint: don’t stuff yourself)

Coming to Terms with the First Noble Truth (and My Shopping Addiction)
A Black Friday reminder from Zen practitioner Alex Tzelnic: suffering can even arise in the form of a new motorcycle jacket (or two)

Right Speech Reconsidered 
For a holiday when conversation matters, a reflection on right speech in the family from meditation teacher Beth Roth

Skunked by Gratitude 
Dharma teacher Pamela Gayle White explores how even unpleasant moments provide opportunities to give thanks

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