Today we’re beginning our discussion of cultivating compassion in your community with Karen Armstrong and Ari Cowan and Anil Singh-Molares, who work with the Compassionate Action Network. Compassion may begin on the cushion, but it doesnt do much good if it stays there. It needs to go out into the community to have a real-world impact.

Karen Armstrong’s famous Charter for Compassion was the jumping-off point for the Compassionate Cities project. Take a look around your community. What do you see where compassion could make a real difference? How can we build a global society that cares enough to hand a viable world—in social, economic, and environmental terms—over to our children?

Join Ari and Anil and Karen Armstrong in this discussion. By taking part and joining the Tricycle Community, you’ll have the chance to make a voluntary $5 contribution to the Compassionate Action Network, download a free chapter from Karen Armstrong’s book, Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life, and sign the Charter of Compassion, which is an important first step to turning compassionate feelings into compassionate action. Once you commit to making a difference in the world, you’ll find yourself transformed as well.

Ask Ari and Anil a question about Compassionate Cities and Communities here.

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