Jack Kornfield

Compass Your Heart


Set the Compass of Your Heart

You need a reliable compass to set your direction and steer through the rough waters when you are going through hard times, when you’ve been betrayed, when you’ve lost your job, when you’ve lost friends or loved ones, when you’re in conflict with your family, or when you’re going through illness. But how can you […]

By Jack Kornfield


No Self or True Self?

The following is an excerpt from A Path With Heart: A Guide Through the Perils and Promises of Spiritual Life, by Jack Kornfield. It is from Chapter 14, “No Self or True Self?” Spiritual practice inevitably brings us face to face with the profound mystery of our own identity. We have taken birth in a […]

By Jack Kornfield

Magazine Meditation & Practice

Take The One Seat

  WHEN WE TAKE THE ONE SEAT on our meditation cushion we become our own monastery. We create the compassionate space that allows for the arising of all things: sorrows, loneliness, shame, desire, regret, frustration, happiness. Spiritual transformation is a profound process that doesn’t happen by accident. We need a repeated discipline, a genuine training, […]

By Jack Kornfield
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