Stephen Levine, a meditation teacher and author best known for his work on death and dying, passed away in his New Mexico home on Sunday after a long illness. He was 78.

“His heart has gone to God. His light is left here with us. Thank you for your blessings and love and friendship. Namaste,” a post on his website read.

In the 2009 Tricycle article “Living the Life You Wish to Live,” Levine and his wife Ondrea talk about their work to emotionally and spiritually ready people for death using Vipassana meditation techniques as well as discuss why they moved to the mountains to find quiet and work through their own illnesses.

“Thank you for being brave enough to face your pain, out of which your wisdom came, and blessing us with your willingness to share it all,” Stephen Levine said during the interview.

His son, Noah Levine, is the author of Dharma Punx (Josh Korda) and teaches on how to overcome addiction through Buddhist practice.

Read more from Stephen Levine’s interview here.

Watch a video of Stephen and Ordea discussing death and dying

And an interview with Levine’s son, Noah Levine: “The Suffering of Addiction

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