David Guy

David Guy is an author and a contributing editor to Tricycle. His books include Jake Fades: A Novel of Impermanence and The Red Thread of Passion.


‘Zig Zag Zen’ Edited by Allan Hunt Badiner

Zig Zag Zen:Buddhism and Psychedelics Edited by Allan Hunt Badiner Chronicle Books: San Francisco, 2002 238 pp.; $24.95 (cloth) Zig Zag Zen concerns the influence of psychedelics on Buddhism, but the issue it ultimately raises is a deeper one: How important is the experience of awakening to spiritual practice? There are those, of course, who […]

By David Guy

Magazine History & Philosophy

Christmas Humphreys

[Humphreys and his wife] ran the Buddhist Lodge from their flat . . . where they had made a hideaway with a bright fire, Persian rugs, incense, golden Buddhas, and a library of magical books which promised me the most arcane secrets of the universe. . . . He is a tall, slender, and limber […]

By David Guy

Magazine Arts & Culture

The Tale Of The Incomparable Prince

The Tale of the Incomparable Prince Mdo Mkhar Tshe Ring Dbang Rgyal Translated by Beth Newman HarperPerennial: New York, 1997 319 pp., $13.00 (paperback). It’s not surprising that The Tale of the Incomparable Prince—which its publisher calls “the only pre-exile Tibetan novel”—is full of surprises. An epic tale that builds to a thundering Buddhist sermon, […]

By David Guy

Magazine Personal Reflections

Alexandra David-Néel

Alexandra David-Néel lived 100 years. She was born in France in 1868, the period of la belle epoque, and died there in 1969, soon after the student riots in Paris. In between she spent fourteen years studying Buddhism in Asia and, at the age of 55, became the first Western woman to enter the Tibetan […]

By David Guy
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