Elizabeth Bastos

Elizabeth Bastos is a freelance writer and mother of two living in the Baltimore suburbs. A contributor to Book Riot and Baltimore Fishbowl, she has also published work on the Motherlode blog of the New York Times and in the Boston Globe and McSweeney’s.

Trike Daily

Chopping Onions

Cleaning the bathroom or chopping the onions is no less important than sitting in deep meditation. Grasping this and acting on it is called waking up. —Janet Jiryu Abels, “Participate Fully” “Chop wood, carry water” is a Zen saying. In other words, just do what you are doing, nothing more, nothing less. As Yoda would […]

By Elizabeth Bastos

Trike Daily

The Zen Master Goes Black Friday Shopping

When the Zen master Black Friday shops, it is not hard to understand! When breathing, breathe! When Black Friday shopping, shop! When finding “jingle socks” and “scarves for her,” and “hostess gifts under $25,” just find them. Go to aisles 7 and 14 and 15 and find them! Do not rush, but neither shall you go slow like […]

By Elizabeth Bastos
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