Ezra Bayda

Ezra Bayda , the author of seven books, has been practicing meditation since 1970 and currently teaches at Zen Center San Diego.
Man with head bowed, remorse in buddhism


The Sweet Pain of Remorse

One particular difficulty, which is one of the most effective catalysts to awakening the heart, is experiencing the pain of remorse. Sometimes we get a glimpse of the fact that we’re living from vanity or unkindness or pettiness, and we feel a cringe of conscience. This is the experience of remorse, which arises when we […]

By Ezra Bayda

Dharma Talks

Relationships, Love, and Spiritual Practice

This retreat, led by Zen teacher and author Ezra Bayda, will explore how the difficulties we face in relationships block our experience of love and connectedness, as well as the experience of genuine happiness. He will describe several practices to help us work with relationship difficulties, including dealing with fears and resentments.

By Ezra Bayda
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