Jane Hirshfield


A Blessing for Wedding

Today when persimmons ripenToday when fox-kits come out of their den into snowToday when the spotted egg releases its wren songToday when the maple sets down its red leavesToday when windows keep their promise to openToday when fire keeps its promise to warmToday when someone you love has diedor someone you never met has diedToday […]

By Jane Hirshfield

Magazine Arts & Culture

To Speech

          This first, this last:there’s nothing you wouldn’t say. Unshockable inclusion your most pure nature,and so you are like an iron pot—whatever’s put in, it holds. We think it’s the fire that cooks the stew,but, speech, it’s also you:teacherof fire-making and stew-making,orator of all our plans and intentions. We think we […]

By Jane Hirshfield


Percolation / the Shadow

    Poetry by Jane HirshfieldCalligraphy by Michele Laporte “Percolation” first appeared in Yellow Silk and “The Shadow” first appeared in ZYZZYVA. Both will be included in The October Palace by Jane Hirshfield, forthcoming from Harper Collins early next year.

[Jane, Hirshfield] And [Michele, Laporte] Jane Hirshfield
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