Dedication of Merit

CultureMagazine | Dedication of Merit

What’s Mine

I’ve a fat-happy Buddha bellynot to be confusedwith Buddha mind, which is arrow-slim and quickas the knife of Ting the Cookslicing fresh ham. I do not claim to know the joysand sorrows of the koi in…

By Sam Hamill

CultureMagazine | Dedication of Merit

Shall We Offer Flowers?

Bitter buffaloberrydevil’s club, tangled dogtoothnarrowleaf arrowheadWhat are the lineages of life?ground water, radiant heat—listen, they form the underlying beatof the watershed,gifts with no motive the way of the ancientsskyrocket chicory bluestemfew-flowered shooting starIndian pipeall the paradise…

By Andrew Schelling

Magazine | Dedication of Merit

A Blessing for Wedding

Today when persimmons ripenToday when fox-kits come out of their den into snowToday when the spotted egg releases its wren songToday when the maple sets down its red leavesToday when windows keep their promise to openToday…

By Jane Hirshfield

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