Jeffery Zaleski


Road to Heaven: Encounters with Chinese Hermits

ROAD TO HEAVEN: Encounters with Chinese Hermits Bill PorterMercury House: San Francisco, 1993. 256 pp., $14.00 (paperback). Jeffrey Zaleski RINGING PHONES. Crying babies. Noisy neighbors. Car alarms. It’s the rare lay practitioner who hasn’t been yanked off the sitting cushion or out of some carefully nurtured state of attention by this intrusion or that, and […]

By Jeffery Zaleski


The Science of Compassion

I exit the subway to my quiet Brooklyn neighborhood and there he is again, wearing a ragged T-shirt, torn jeans, and dirty sneakers, sweeping the subway steps with an old broom. He looks at me pleadingly. Feeling generous, I reach into my pocket for a coin but find only crumpled bills. Too much, I think. Mumbling […]

By Jeffery Zaleski
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