Joseph McElroy

Joseph McElroy is novels include most recently “Actress in the House.” A book of short stories is forthcoming.


What I’m Reading Fall 2010

Wisdom: From Philosophy to NeuroscienceStephen S. HallAlfred A. Knopf, 2010333 pp., $27.95 cloth Half a century ago science, measuring our behavior with its languages of experimental cause and effect, might typically draw objections if not outcries that we are not automatons, will-less and without free choice. We are way beyond that now, and fascinatingly so […]

By Joseph McElroy

Magazine Arts & Culture

Water Work

Mayordomo: Chronicle of an Acequia in Northern New Mexico Stanley Crawford University of New Mexico Press, 1993 243 pp., $18.95 paper Far Tortuga Peter Matthiessen Vintage Books, 1988 416 pp., $16.95 paper In a time of water emergencies everywhere every week, of giant floods, continental drought, images virtually statistical of the Pacific Ocean circulating plastic […]

By Joseph McElroy

Magazine Arts & Culture

What I’m Reading Spring 2010

River-Horse: The Logbook of a Boat Across AmericaWilliam Least Heat-Moon Penguin, 2001 506 pp., $14 paper A River Sutra Gita Mehta Vintage, 1994 291 pp., $14.95 paper Dead Pool: Lake Powell, Global Warming, and the Future of Water in the West James Lawrence Powell University of California Press, 2008 304 pp., $27.50 cloth A book, […]

By Joseph McElroy
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