Ken McLeod

Ken McLeod is a writer, translator, teacher, and business consultant. His writings on Buddhist practice include Reflections on Silver River and A Trackless Path.
Forgiveness Is Not Buddhist

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Forgiveness Is Not Buddhist

Buddhist teachings do not advise asking others to absolve us from our misdeeds. Instead, they outline a path to purification that will change our relationship to reactive patterns.

By Ken McLeod

Anger meditation

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How to recognize it, work with it, and even find wisdom in it.

By Ken McLeod, Illustrations by Patrick Leger

Ken McLeod

Ideas Vajrayana

“You Don’t Control Your Life”

In a recent episode of Tricycle Talks, writer, translator, and teacher Ken McLeod discusses the importance of sacrifice and submission in Vajrayana practice.

James Shaheen in conversation with Ken McLeod

buddhist practice difficult times

Ideas Buddhism

Reflections on a Changing World

Though the current turmoil belongs to the realm of human affairs, practicing during difficult times can lead to greater insight, clarity, compassion, and peace. 

By Ken McLeod

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