Ken McLeod

Ideas Vajrayana

“You Don’t Control Your Life”

In a recent episode of Tricycle Talks, writer, translator, and teacher Ken McLeod discusses the importance of sacrifice and submission in Vajrayana practice.

James Shaheen in conversation with Ken McLeod

jamgon kongtrul lodro thaye

Ideas Vajrayana

Jamgon Kongtrul, the Man and the Myth

In telling the story of one of Tibetan Buddhism’s most influential scholars, a biographer reminds us to see great teachers—past and present—as human beings.

Interview with Alexander Gardner by Matthew Abrahams

3d kalachakra mandala

Meditation Vajrayana

3D Printing Reality

A Tibetan Buddhist teacher is helping Westerners get a clearer picture of the Wheel of Time mandala with a three-dimensional model.

By Matthew Abrahams

modern tantric buddhism

Ideas Vajrayana

An American Tantra

With Modern Tantric Buddhism, Justin von Budjoss aims to make Vajrayana authentically our own.

Interview with Justin von Bujdoss by Karen Jensen

Teachings Vajrayana

What is Meant by “Empowerment”?

We talk a lot about “empowerment” in the Vajrayana and it is important to understand exactly what that means. To receive empowerment doesn’t mean that someone grants you the power to escape from your life, or…

By Tricycle

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