Monty McKeever

Monty McKeever

Tibetan Buddhism

Stepping into Groundlessness

Pema Chödrön is a spiritual icon and one of the most influential and recognizable Buddhists in the world. A bestselling author and prolific teacher, she has touched the lives of countless individuals and in turn is…

By Monty McKeever

Ideas Awake in the World

Can We Have Peace Without Justice?

Last week we published a guest blogpost titled, London’s Burning: The Three Fires and the London Riots,  by Alex Gooch, a language teacher, freelance writer, and Buddhist practitioner.  The post addresses possible causes and conditions behind…

By Monty McKeever


Why is Buddhism so Damned Expensive?

Yesterday my colleague Sam posted a blog that quickly prompted a thoughtful response from a practitioner in Scotland. At the the end of his post he writes, There is one thing about Buddhism that I find…

By Monty McKeever

Culture Art

Buddhism’s Sacred Places: Photos by Kenro Izu

A beautiful slideshow, Buddhism’s Sacred Places: Photos by Kenro Izu was recently published on the Huffington Post. I have long been fascinated by Izu’s work and was delighted when we ran some his photographs alongside Rodney…

By Monty McKeever

Culture Art

The Magic Life of Milarepa

A few weeks ago I was looking through the first issue of Tricycle and I came across a mention of The Magic Life of Milarepa, a comic book about the great 11th century Tibetan saint illustrated…

By Monty McKeever

Magazine | Good Work

Charities Fall 2010

Despite some of the best animal protection laws in the world and a renowned heritage of reverence for life, modern India is a country where millions of animals suffer severe neglect or abuse. Help Animals India…

By Monty McKeever, Anna Bernhard, and Sam Mowe

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