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Performing with the Buddha

Last May, former Marine Daniel Goolsby, 61, lost his job and fell into a deep depression. His savings gone, he was three months behind on his rent—and fed up with psychiatrists who wanted to “fix” his depression with heavy medication. Goolsby dragged himself, a downtrodden man, to St. Patrick Center in St. Louis, Missouri, hoping […]

By Emma Varvaloucas


Attention to Death

So many deaths I have been a part of, so many patients, families, caregivers, and volunteers have touched my life. Together we’ve created a kind of peaceful revolution whose battle cry is as quiet and profound as two strangers holding hands before death. We’ve gone to the edge of our fear of death, of our […]

By Emma Varvaloucas


Art As A Weapon

Last year street artist Shepard Fairey spent several days painting a three-story-high mural of a Burmese monk on the side of a building in downtown San Diego, and Breadtruck Films’ Jeffrey Durkin was there to film the entire process. Durkin, who works out of a converted Wonder Bread truck—now a mobile film studio, and the […]

By Emma Varvaloucas


Charities Fall 2010

Despite some of the best animal protection laws in the world and a renowned heritage of reverence for life, modern India is a country where millions of animals suffer severe neglect or abuse. Help Animals India (HAI) is an all-volunteer USA nonprofit charity dedicated to supporting efficient and effective animal protection organizations in India. HAI’s […]

By Monty McKeever, Anna Bernhard, and Sam Mowe
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