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Washing Out Emptiness

In our own impermanent bodies, we face our deepest fears and aversions. Drawing on Dogen’s writings and her personal experience as a nurse, Sallie Tisdale challenges us not to look away, but to practice in this most intimate realm.

By Sallie Tisdale


Beloved Community

What can a Zen priest learn from a fundamentalist theologian? A Buddhist community takes interfaith dialogue beyond common ground with their evangelical Christian neighbors.

By Sallie Tisdale


Blazing a Trail

    BLAZING A TRAILJapanese nun Eshun (1362-ca. 1430), the Irresistible One TO ESHUN, the whole world was kindling—peasants rebelling against harsh conditions only to be tortured and executed, constant battles between samurai bands, a broken court, endless poverty and endless greed. Eshun never married, refusing to even consider it. Her older brother, Ryoan Emyo, […]

By Sallie Tisdale
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