Lobsang Rapgay in his office

Magazine | Interview

What Went Wrong

An interview with Tibetan psychologist Lobsang Rapgay about student-teacher relationships that turn abusive

By Emma Varvaloucas

bodhi college teachers Stephen Batchelor, Christina Feldman, and Akincano M. Weber

Magazine | Interview

Understand, Realize, Give Up, Develop

Three contemporary Buddhist teachers discuss their take on what's traditionally known as "the four noble truths": why they believe the term has been mistranslated and the concepts behind it misunderstood.

A conversation with Stephen Batchelor, Christina Feldman, and Akincano M. Weber

Dr. Karma Phuntsho in the local temple of his home village, Ura, Bhutan

Magazine | Interview

Bhutan on the Brink

An interview with Dr. Karma Phuntsho, the first Bhutanese to earn a doctorate at Oxford who now works to promote social entrepreneurship among the nation’s youth.

By Emma Varvaloucas, Photographs by Matthieu Ricard

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