Sienna Craig

Sienna Craig lived in Nepal as a researcher, writer, and Fulbright scholar in anthropology. She currently resides in Berkeley, California, and plans to enter a Ph.D. program in medical anthropology at the University of California.

Magazine Society & Environment

Ruminations on a Road

Mustang, Nepal, has been a trading route and Buddhist pilgrimage site for centuries. Although remote, Mustang is far from provincial. Thakali, an ethnic clan from Lower Mustang, make their homes around the globe, and many Loba, ethnic Tibetans from Lo (Upper Mustang) have emigrated to Kathmandu or the United States, in search of economic opportunities. […]

By Sienna Craig

Magazine Personal Reflections

Riding in the Rain Shadow

An American woman’s horseback sojourn in Buddhist Mustang, where villages are protected by god-ponies.   Midsummer in Mustang is bright days and early starts. We’d been riding since dawn. Too many stops for tea the day before had slowed us, yet we needed to reach Jomosom from Lo Monthang in two days and intended to […]

By Sienna Craig
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