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Tricycle Teachings: Forgiveness

The powerful practice of forgiveness releases us from the grasp of fear and anger and allows us to see the world with a kind, wise heart. Featuring wisdom and teachings by Buddhist teachers Jack Kornfield, Robert Thurman, Thich Nhat Hanh, Mark Epstein, and Gina Sharpe, Tricycle Teachings: Forgiveness will guide you on the path to offering forgiveness for yourself and others.

Table of Contents

  1. “Lighten Your Load,

    by Allan Lokos
  2. “The Gift of Gratitude,”

    by Ajahn Sumedho
  3. “Broken Gold,”

    by Noelle Oxenhandler, Lynn Crawford, Isan Sacco, and Jane Kingston
  4. “Forgiveness,”

    by Matthew Flickstein
  5. “Rising to the Challenge,”

    by Robert Thurman
  6. “Beyond Blame,”

    by Mark Epstein
  7. “A Change of Heart,”

    a Q&A with Jack Kornfield
  8. “The Finger Bone Path of Angulimala,”

    by Thich Nhat Hanh
  9. “The Power of Forgiveness,”

    by Gina Sharpe

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