• Director: Anja Krug-Metzinger
  • Country: Germany
  • Year: 2017

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The Silent Glow chronicles the impact of mindfulness and contemplative practices on children. In western Europe, as in much of the modern world, children and teens are bombarded by attention-grabbing technology and social media, and affected by turbulent politics, injustice, and environmental degradation. Their rates of depression and anxiety are on the rise. A range of mindfulness programs established in recent years, however, seek to promote young people’s well-being, encourage self-awareness, and nurture social and emotional skills. Children learn to effect change in the world by first starting with their inner lives. These programs bring contemplative practices to children and teen’s lives on the sports field, in the classroom, and at home.

Stephen Batchelor has praised The Silent Glow, writing that it “quietly but insistently advocates another kind of education: one that values introspection and the mastery of contemplative skills as an integral part of learning how to be fully human.”

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This film will be available for streaming until midnight on Saturday, November 2.