Survival of the Kindest

I found David Loy’s article “In Search of the Sacred” (Spring 2017) very interesting and supportive of the notion that we must care for the world and all living beings and plants in order to survive ourselves. When Darwin is discussed, survival of the fittest is always emphasized, but one of his main postulates was “cooperation within a species” in order for that species to survive.

–Robert Haile
Hampton, NH 

Remember the Refugees

I find it disturbing that in 99 percent of the articles I read about Bhutan, including the interview with Dr. Karma Phuntsho in the Spring 2017 issue (“Bhutan on the Brink”), the racism that led to the expulsion of more than 100,000 Bhutanese from the country in the past three decades in order to maintain ethnic and religious homogeneity is absent from the discussion. Surely the tens of thousands of Bhutanese refugees still living in camps in Nepal would like to be considered in any discussion of what’s wrong with Bhutan.

–Jody Creel
Derry, NH

Thank you for writing to us about the plight of Bhutan’s refugees, an important concern that is, as Madeline Drexler wrote in “The Happiness Metric” (Fall 2014), “Oddly . . . more conversationally alive in the West than in Bhutan itself, where people have been kept in the dark about the painful events of that time.” While “Bhutan on the Brink” focused on other issues the Himalayan nation is currently facing, it is one that we have not shied away from covering in the past, nor will we in the future.

–Emma Varvaloucas,
Executive Editor

Buddhists on Brexit

It’s no surprise that Stephen Batchelor’s article “A Buddhist Brexit” (Spring 2017) engendered much online discussion. Following is a sampling of the various perspectives of our readers, which cover both Brexit itself and whether the dharma has a place in politics at all.

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