When you walk into MNDFL, the bustle of New York City melts away.

The meditation studio, in Greenwich Village, is fragrant, clean, white, minimal, and modern. Before class, practitioners sit on couches, mingle, and sip tea. The gray cushions are embroidered with MNDFL’s logo. There’s a small retail area where you can purchase scents and T-shirts, as well as books written or recommended by MNDFL’s nearly 30 teachers.

Is this what practitioners are paying for? The meditation center, which describes itself as “nondenominational,” charges $10 for a first-time class and $15 for a drop-in. Monthly memberships cost $150 (MNDFUL previously charged $200 but lowered the price in March), and if you complete a 30-day meditation challenge, your next month is free. A subscription also gets you unlimited access to one of the meditation rooms for self-guided meditation. Classes are either 30 or 45 minutes, and meditators can choose from more than 10 different themes, including breath, sound, movement, intention, and meditation for mothers and children. Students receive an introduction and a guided meditation and are encouraged to ask questions at the end of the session.

MNDFL opened its doors in November 2015. Chief Spiritual Officer Lodro Rinzler, who teaches in the Shambhala tradition, and Chief Executive Officer Ellie Burrows, a writer and personal development coach, think of MNDFL not as a dharma center but rather as a “midpoint” for those interested in learning meditation from a variety of teachers and techniques.

“We’re always in service, no matter what that means day to day,” Burrows said. “We want to service any New Yorker who struggles with practice and wants to explore meditation in a contemporary context.”

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