The Third Step
When you feel that you are being challenged, step into the center of the problem

Take the opposite line of reasoning

Resolve the conflict by understanding the other side of the argument

Tai no henka (Turn the Body)
When you meet resistance, do not fight harder

Let the attack change you

Become the person you need to become

in order to resolve the conflict

Be flexible in the way you move and in the way you see yourself

Heaven and Earth
When you want to realize an idea, first send your root into the ground

When you are firmly rooted, let inspiration move you

The results will be less dramatic but more satisfying

The other person will change you

Let it happen

Out of apparent conflict will come growth

With growth you will acquire wisdom

With wisdom you become patient

With patience you can accomplish great things

From Moving Toward Harmony, © 2000 by Eric Oberg. Reprinted with permission of the author and Far Eastern Press.

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