In the mid-sixties there was a yoga teacher who published an announcement for the Space Age: “CALLING ALL ENERGY: COME HOME! COME HOME!” I loved that bulletin. I pinned it to my wall.

Now a different slogan is circulating among students and teachers of nondual spirituality: “Call off the search!” The idea is that we already are where we want to be, and that we need only to stop searching.

It’s a tricky proposition: enlightenment by declaration. Maybe it works for some. It didn’t work for me.

I traveled the long road of seeking. Lots of suffering, lots of confusion. Then one day it came to an end.

When I was in my early twenties I had a prophetic dream. A stern and very thin man gave me a large mirror and a cloth. The mirror was stained in several places. “Polish it until it’s clear,” the man said. I started polishing the mirror. The stains were not easy to remove. It would take a lot of work. “Make sure the stains are gone by the time I come back,” the man said, and turned away from me.

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